Who are we?​

SoundMan Studio is a pro studio capable of producing pro-level musical and post-production work.​

SoundMan Studio is owned and run by SAE certified engineer Abdulla Jamal.

(BA - HONS in Recording arts from SAE Sydney with Middlesex University UK)


We use some of the most praised sound equipment known today such as:

Universal Audio 4-710d tube/solid state preamp

Manley CORE mic pre

GAP pre73 MKII preamp (Neve 1073 style pre)

Oktava, AKG, Sennheiser, Neumann, Telefunken, Audix, sE, Blue, Rode, Shure and MXL microphones

Allen & Heath ZED-R16 interface with analog summing technology

(Focal Twin6 be & Neumann KH120 monitors

Note: The studio is located inside a residential premises with separate entrance to the ground floor. Therefore, we regret not to accept walk-in customers, we accept booking and invitation only.